CA1 Offer: The Commercial Appeal subscription offer with a 16GB Wi-Fi enabled iPad Mini 2 (“CA1 Offer”) is available only to new subscribers (those who have not had a digital subscription or home delivery of Commercial Appeal within 90 prior to the date of the subscriber’s agreement to the terms of the CA1 Offer) who reside in Commercial Appeal’s home delivery area, who do not have an outstanding balance with Commercial Appeal and who agree to a 24 month digital and Sunday home delivery subscription at a rate of $18.00 (1paper), $17.82 (2 papers), $25.64 (4 papers), $34.59 (6 papers), $42.78 (8 papers), or $50.98 (10 papers) per month and an initial payment of $50.00. Home delivery is not available in all areas and some new subscribers may not qualify for the CA1 Offer.

The following are required for new subscribers to qualify for the CA1 Offer: (1) an active email address for digital access to, (2) a valid credit or debit card, or agreement that Commercial Appeal or its service providers may make automatic withdrawals from a checking account, and (3) enrollment in Commercial Appeal’s EZPay Program that allows the monthly subscription fee and any termination fee(s) to be charged to the subscriber’s credit or debit card on file with Commercial Appeal, or deducted from the subscriber’s bank account, without Commercial Appeal’s having to seek additional approvals from the subscriber.

The CA1 Offer consists of 24/7 digital access, Sunday home delivery (within Commercial Appeal’s service area), and an iPad Mini 2 described below. If for any reason a subscriber discontinues, cancels or fails to make payment for, their subscription at any time prior to the end of the 24 month subscription period, or does not keep a current credit or debit card on file or a bank account from which Commercial Appeal is authorized to make automatic withdrawals, or if Commercial Appeal is for any reason unable to collect or receive payment for any amounts owed in connection with the CA1 Offer, the subscriber will be billed for all unpaid amounts related to the CA1 Offer, including amounts owed for the remainder of the subscription period at a rate of $ 18.00 per month (“Termination Fee”). Commercial Appeal can discontinue digital access and/or home delivery at any time if subscriber’s account is not current.

Once a subscriber has agreed to the CA1 Offer, it is nontransferable and noncancellable. Any suspension of the Sunday home delivery service will not reduce the monthly subscription fee; the subscription will be digital only until the subscriber resumes home delivery service.

The CA1 Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offers or credits. Credit qualifications and other restrictions may apply.

If a subscriber orders an iPad Mini 2 from Commercial Appeal or if Commercial Appeal is out of stock, Commercial Appeal will have the iPad Mini 2 shipped to subscriber within 8-10 weeks of the subscriber’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the CA1 Offer.

iPad Mini 2 Information: The iPad Mini 2 that subscriber will receive has 16 GB of memory and is Wi-Fi enabled (“iPad”) and comes with a lightning to USB Cable and USB power adapter. The iPad does not have cellular capability. The Commercial Appeal name and/or logo may be etched on the back of the iPad. The iPad will be covered by a warranty from Apple. COMMERCIAL APPEAL MAKES NO WARRANTY IN RELATION TO ANY IPAD AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. COMMERCIAL APPEAL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BREACH OR ALLEGED BREACH BY APPLE OF ANY WARRANTY OR FOR APPLE’S FAILURE TO REPAIR OR REPLACE ANY IPAD, OR FOR AN IPAD TO FUNCTION TO A SUBSCRIBER’S SATISFACTION. The Commercial Appeal is not responsible for maintenance, repair or replacement of any iPad. The subscriber is the owner of the iPad and assumes all responsibility for loss, damage, maintenance, and repair.

If Commercial Appeal is not able to obtain iPad Mini 2s with 16 GB of memory that are Wi-Fi enabled under normal business circumstances or in a commercially reasonable manner in sufficient quantities to provide to subscribers in relation to the CA1 Offer, Commercial Appeal’s sole obligation and subscribers’ sole remedy, will be to refund the amounts that a subscriber has paid for the CA1 Offer, reduced by any products or services the subscriber has already received.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

EZPay Program. Under Commercial Appeal’s EZPay Program, the subscriber’s bank account, debit or credit card will be charged monthly in the amount of $18.00 (1paper), $17.82 (2 papers), $25.64 (4 papers), $34.59 (6 papers), $42.78 (8 papers), $50.98 (10 papers). After the initial payment of $50.00 (Activation Fee) and price for the first month’s subscription), subsequent payments will usually be processed on Fridays up to 10 days prior to your subscription expiration date.

By authorizing Commercial Appeal to charge his/her credit or debit card, or withdraw amounts from his/her bank account, the subscriber is authorizing Commercial Appeal to continue to charge the credit or debit card (or a replacement card, if the credit-issuing entity informs Commercial Appeal that a replacement card has been issued) or make withdrawals from his/her bank account for all fees related to the CA1 Offer, including the initial fee, all monthly renewals and the Termination Fee. If you do not wish to renew your subscription after the end of the 24 month period of the CA1 Offer, please contact Commercial Appeal by phone at 901.529.2666 or by email at least 10 days prior to the date your subscription would renew. If you do not advise us that you want to cancel your subscription or not renew it, your subscription will automatically be renewed at Commercial Appeal's then-applicable fees.

The Commercial Appeal is not responsible for any overdraft charges. Credit card gift cards and prepaid cards cannot be used to pay for amounts owed under the EZPay Program.

Contact Information: By providing your email and/or phone number, you are giving Commercial Appeal and its service providers permission to contact you regarding the CA1 Offer, your subscription and any related issues.

Subscriber Agreement: By clicking below, I agree to these Terms and Conditions. I agree to pay the activation fee, all monthly subscription fees and any termination fee, as described above. I understand that the fees and the 24 month subscription are noncancellable and nontransferable. I authorize charges to my credit or debit card or withdrawals from my checking account until all amounts associated with the CA1 Offer and any subscriptions to Commercial Appeal have been paid and received by Commercial Appeal. I agree to keep a current credit or debit card or bank account on file with Commercial Appeal and to authorize or not dispute the payments I am agreeing to.

*All subscriptions regardless of frequency include a bonus issue for Thanksgiving Day (a $3 additional charge). Sunday frequencies also include the following premium content days: Retirement planning (January – a $1.50 additional charge), 175th Anniversary Special (April – a $2.00 additional charge), Fitness and Health Special (August – a $1.50 additional charge). To opt-out of premium content and the additional charge email with your account number and request to opt-out.